Maintenance Tips

Here are some helpful tips and advice from Burt’s Automotive.

  • Keep tire pressures at recommended pressures – we advise checking at least once a month
  • We Recommend oil changes every 5000 KMs on conventional oil and 8000-12,000 KMs on Full Synthetic oils
  • Tire rotations & Brake inspections every 10,000 kms
  • Timing belts, general Rule of thumb is to be replaced every 100,000 KMs or 8 years, or use manufacturer’s recommended schedule
  • We Recommend Transmission Flushes (depending on driving conditions) every 50,000 KMs
  • Keep Car Exterior/Interior Clean
  • Watch for any fluid leaks on ground where you park and have them looked at right away
  • Using a better grade of fuel can help with performance and fuel economy
  • Cooling System Maintenance (coolant replacement) every 3 years